Prestigious Scholarship for NTC Students 2016

It is a matter of great pride that two of NTC students, Mr. Gaurav Kumar Singh (Branch: Textile Chemistry 2nd year) and Mr. Susheel Kumar Yadav (Branch: Textile Technology 2nd year) have been awarded prestigious scholarship awarded by TT Group and Saria Charitable Trust, respectively. Mr. N.H. Jain, National Vice President, The Textile Association (India), Mr. Sanjay Jain Managing Director, TT LIMITED and J.P. Saria of Saria Charitable Trust has formally handed over the scholarships to the students on 23rd November, 2016 during Seminar being organized by TIT&S, Bhiwani in association with TAI-Delhi & Vision Communication at NSIC, Okhla, Delhi during YFA Trade Show. In this context, it is worth mentioning that NTC students have won these scholarships on the previous occasions also due to their cognizable academic performance.
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